Shilling/Florin Cion Rings

The one Shilling and two Shilling / Florin coins make very pretty Coin Ring’s of smaller sizes, ideal for women and girls. 

One Shilling Coins make Ring’s of approximate sizes UK D up to K.

Two Shillings or Florin coins make Ring’s of approximate sizes Uk K to S.

Victorian shillings and Florins are  made from .925 Sterling silver, they stopped using sterling silver in 1919. From 1920 until 1947 the silver content was reduced to 50% the rest being mainly copper. From 1948 until 1968 they were made from Cupro-Nickel. After 1973 all decimal coins are made from pressed steel.

One shilling and Two Shillings /Florins make very nice Coin Rings and can still be acquired at reasonable prices, obviously the finer the detail the more the coin will cost, but is important to have a nicely detailed coin to make a good Coin Ring.

It should be pointed out that anyone with a nickel allergy should avoid coins made between 1947 to 1973.

The new Decimal 5 Pence and 10 Pence coins can be used to make Coin Ring’s, but a lack of design on these coins makes for a fairly plain Coin Ring.


Victorian one shilling

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Victorian Florin

Sterling Silver Victorian Coin Ring

Buy Now£20.00 

DSC_0001_kindlephoto-7792578Sterling Silver Florin Coin Ring 

Buy Now £25.00 plus P&P


1891 Sterling Silver Coin Ring

Sterling Silver Florin /Two Shillings Coin RingBuy Now £25.00


1936 Florin Coin Ring

One Shilling Coin Ring Buy Now £10.00



1899 coin ring with antique patina


1946 50% Silver Two Shilling Coin Ring